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The importance of keeping your home cool during Utah’s heatwave

We saw an article published today by Fox 13 News that addresses the importance of keeping your home cool during Utah’s heatwave. According to the article, this July is right on track to be the hottest one ever recorded in Utah’s history. As local air conditioner technicians, we wanted to weigh in on how important it is to keep your home cool during the summer months. All of us understand how uncomfortable it is to sit in a hot house when the central air or air conditioner goes out. Something that we don’t always consider is the potential negative health effects it can have on the elderly and small children. Citing the article entitled, “Keep an eye on Seniors During this Heatwave” we can learn more about the great things Meals on Wheels is doing to keep our senior citizens safe and comfortable this summer. To our surprise, we learned that this organization will be providing hundreds of fans to senior citizens in need to help them cool down.

Potential health risks of a broken air conditioner

An article provided by The Salt Lake Tribune cites a warning from Bill Swiler, an emergency medicine specialist at Lake­view Hospital. Swiler states that “Elderly [people] are a little more prone to that exhaustion and heat stroke,” Swiler said. “It puts a lot of strain on the heart, a lot of strain on the adrenal system, lungs, and pulmonary system.” There is a fine line between being uncomfortable and potentially risking the health of residents from heat stroke or similar issues. If your air conditioner is not working we recommend calling an HVAC contractor as soon as possible. Right now is the busy season for these companies so the longer you put off making that phone call the further down the service list you are going to be placed. At Utah HVAC we are all trying to do our part to address the heat issues Salt Lake residents are facing. If your home needs service call today at 801-930-0629 and we will get your scheduled for an inspection as quickly as possible. Keeping your home cool doesn’t just apply residential customers, it also applies to commercial businesses as well.

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