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Benefits of an annual furnace tune-up.

It may sound too early to think of a furnace tune-up, but we all know Utah’s weather changes quickly. By calling a local furnace tune-up company you can rest assured that your furnace and home heating system will be taken care of before the busy season. The largest reason to call an expert as soon as possible is so that you are ahead of the pack when local hvac companies are swamped and everyone is calling because their home won’t heat properly. Along with getting in the front of the line, there are several benefits to scheduling a furnace tune-up as soon as possible.

Why you should have your furnace inspected today?

  1. You can avoid unnecessary repairs in the future. Heating units that are not properly inspected are a lot more likely to be damaged or even break down altogether during the winter months. In fact, most furnace warranties require that you have your furnace inspected and tuned-up once a year to keep the warranty intact.
  2. Your furnace will run safely when you need it the most. Furnaces use natural gas to create heat. The safety implications alone are good enough reason to schedule a yearly safety inspection. Trained professionals will run complete diagnostics to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning and flammable gas leaks.
  3. You will save money on your energy bill. On average the modest cost that you spend to have a tune-up is going to be recovered by the money you will save from a reduced energy bill. Technicians will inspect and prime internal components like your heat exchanger and burner in order to keep your unit efficient. As a homeowner, every little bit you can save helps so why not keep your unit running correctly while saving money at the same time?

When is it time to call a heating company?

We are going to cover this topic extensively in our next blog which we invite you to read soon. In the meantime, if you notice anything out of the ordinary it is a great idea to call Utah HVAC at 801-930-0629 to speak with a specialist today.

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