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How can I tell if I need a new furnace?

Replacing a broken furnace is an unfortunate situation, but it is something that homeowners and business owners alike must face one day.  When facing this decision it is important to understand some of the warning signs that could mean it is time to replace your furnace.

The age of your furnace.
This is one of the largest factors in determining if your furnace needs to be replaced. According to Consumer Reports the life expectancy of the average furnace is 18 years. If your furnace is older you may want to speak with a furnace installation company to discuss options and benefits of upgrading your furnace to an energy efficient model.
Your furnace begins acting strange.
As furnaces age and they start to wear out they usually begin to make strange noises, especially during the startup times. These noises can be described as rattling, popping or even banging noises. If your furnace is making weird noises at any point during operation it is in your best interest to call a heating specialist for a furnace tune-up.
Frequent furnace repairs in the last couple of years.
Your home’s heating units are a lot like cars. It doesn’t take much time for an aging furnace to cost large amounts of money just to keep it running. Much like an older vehicle, you replace one part just to have to replace another a few months later. If you have had numerous repairs on an older furnace you may want to begin investigating the benefits of replacing a furnace that has reached it’s lifespan.
The burner flame is yellow instead of blue.
It is important to look at your furnace, especially when firing it up for the first time for during the winter season. If you notice that the flame is burning yellow you need to shut off your furnace and call a heating company immediately. A yellow flame, as opposed to a blue flame, is a warning sign that your heating unit is emitting carbon monoxide. keeping your home safe is vital, carbon monoxide is an odorless poisonous gas. If you have an older furnace we highly recommend that you install carbon monoxide detectors in your house.
High energy bills and uneven temperatures.
A spike in your energy bills is a sign that your furnace is no longer operating in an efficient way. This is especially true if your furnace has not been maintained properly with frequent filter changes and scheduled tune-ups. Another sign to pay attention to is how often you are having to adjust your heating settings. If there are some rooms in your home or business that are too hot and some that are too cold it usually means that your furnace is not longer dispersing heat evenly throughout your property.

Remember to pay attention to your furnace.

It is easy to take your furnace for granted. It is a machine that keeps your house warm and just like any machine it needs to be maintained and inspected. IF you have noticed anything mentioned above or anything out of the ordinary please call Utah HVAC at 801-930-0629 we are happy to answer any questions and schedule a technician.

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