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What should I do if my central air AC is leaking water?

A common question our contractors get during Utah summers is, “why does my AC or central air unit leak water inside my home or business?”

When you are dealing with this situation it is important to turn your thermostat to the off position.  Doing this will help prevent any further damage to your home or cooling unit.  It is also important that you call a central air repair company to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Below is some information that will help you understand what could be happening with your air conditioner.

Why water collects around your indoor AC unit?

One of the main components of your air conditioner is the evaporative coil.  Its main job is to cool warm air that passes over it.  This is achieved in part by removing humidity from outside air.   This causes condensation to occur, just like a cool glass of ice water on a hot summer day.  This is to be expected, in fact, the condensation is supposed to fall into a slopped drain pan, down a condensate drain line that will usually exit the home outside or into your outgoing plumbing lines.

What causes issues with your AC drainage?


Damage or rusted drain pan:  This can happen in situations where your air conditioner is older (12-15 years old).  Anytime where water can fall through holes in the pan it does not allow proper drainage and will cause water to pool around your indoor unit.

Clogged or blocked condensate drain line:  This is the most common reason that the water on your evaporative coil is not properly draining.  These lines can get clogged just like any other drain line in your home.  Materials like dust, dirt, or sludge can build and you will need a drain cleaning company to clear the lines to unclog it.

Dirty air filter:  When your air filter is too dirty it will block and impede airflow over the evaporative coil.  When this happens the evaporator coil will become too cold and will freeze over.  When the ice melts it can result in an excess amount of water that will appear as a water leak.

Low refrigerant:  When your refrigerant is low it will cause pressure in the AC system to drop, causing the evaporator coil to freeze over.  You can notice you are low on refrigerant when the air conditioner is cooling well, or you begin to hear a hissing or bubbling noise, specifically if you have a refrigerant leak in your system.

Call a professional AC repair company.

Regardless of the situation, it is not normal to have water leaking on the floor around your indoor cooling unit.  HVAC repair companies are experiencing their bust season right now.  This means that technicians are running all over the valley performing repairs for homes and businesses.  Don’t wait, call today to get your name in the repair list as soon as possible.  At Plumbing Utah Heating & Air we work hard to keep our schedules open to provide same day service as often as possible.  Call us today at (801) 601-1298 to schedule an appointment.

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