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The disadvantages of swamp cooler

Disadvantages of swamp coolers

The Disadvantages of swamp cooler  

Ah, the good old days of laying in the middle of the hallway and letting that swamp cooler cool you down after a hard day of playing neighborhood football.

If you were like most kids in Utah back in the 90’s chances are this is something that you did, and your home probably had a swamp cooler.

But if you would have known some of the effects a swamp cooler had on your health and your home you might have considered an alternative method.

One of the biggest health issues with swamp coolers is “mold” and mildew. It’s like an ecosystem up there on your roof. Mold usually grows and builds up in the evaporative cooler pads and the water pan.

Swamp Cooler

Most homeowners sometimes would forget to replace the pads, and this is where the problem begins. A dirty pad has been known to cause adverse health effects. This is because it uses water and outside air to cool down the home.

People that suffer from allergies can experience congestion, itchy eyes, and in some severe cases raspatory issues. One of the ways that you can fight this is by replacing the pads regularly. But in Utah most swamp coolers our on the roof and nobody wants to risk falling.

Another big issue is the damage it can cause to your home. Hard water is a big problem here in Utah and can cause havoc on the swamp cooler system causing calcium build up in the water pan, filter pads, and the motor itself.

Dirty Swamp Cooler

As you can see by the images the type of damage it can cause. They cost more to upkeep then central air system because they run constantly to keep up with the summer heat.

They are also known to push moisture and musty air into your living space. Trapping mildew smells in wood furniture and upholstery making it hard to keep your home smelling fresh.

Forget about keeping cool during a rainstorm. Swamp coolers perform best in a dry climate. But if we get any type of humidity in the air, forget about keeping your house cool. It’s time to pack up and head to the movies or take a short vacation.

Bottom line swamp coolers are not a very effective way to cool down your home. Yes, they do cost less than a central air system. But the negatives out weights the positives when you put it up against a central air system. Central air conditioners require less maintenance and can last 4 to 5 time longer than any swamp cooler.


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