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Replacing an old furnace – everything you should know

Our heating system is something that is not often thought about while it runs day after day.  Should something happen however, it is almost immediately noticed that something is wrong.  People often find themselves in situations where their home or business is cold because their furnace has broken.  HVAC companies are always busy as each season starts.  It only makes sense that the first week people begin starting up their furnaces calls come flooding in with heating problems.  The best idea is to get ahead of problems by regular furnace maintenance and knowing the age of your furnace.  You will be able to anticipate issues by knowing how old your home’s heating system is.  As with any appliance or piece of machinery, the older the unit the more problems that can arise.

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How to verify the age of your furnace.

There are many cases where people will not know the age of their furnace.  For example, if you have or are considering purchasing a new home.  Considering the age of the heating unit will help you weigh your decisions and have a better understanding of what may need to be replaced in the home.  Most furnaces will have a front panel that contains important information.  A sticker can be found on the outside or inside panel containing the model manufacturer and serial number.  A heating contractor will usually place an additional sticker detailing their information, the date and what services were performed.  If these stickers do not provide the age of the furnace, you can use the serial number to do so.  Simply visit the manufacturer’s website and enter the serial number to find more information about your furnace.


What to consider if you need to replace a furnace

If you believe your furnace is old and has had problems for a while, you may be considering a new furnace installation and upgrade.  This decision can bring many benefits to your home or business.  You can save money by installing an energy-efficient model while keeping your residence more comfortable with consistent heating throughout.  It is important to remember that you will typically get the best results by working with the best hvac companies in your area.

Below are some items to consider with your new unit.

Fuel type:  A majority of heating units are powered by natural gas.  Some properties, however, are not equipped for natural gas and use liquid petroleum gas, propane, or electricity.  It is vital that you understand your property’s energy resources to make the right decision for your case.

Furnace type: Start the project by working with a heating contractor to understand your heating needs.  New furnace models are offered in single-stage, two-stage, and variable-capacity models.  These options all come with different capacities, efficiencies, blowing speeds and heat consistency.

Efficiency:  New furnace models offer efficiency ratings of 90 to almost 99 percent.  This rating is the equation that rates how efficiently the furnace will heat a home by how much fuel it consumes.  For example, if a furnace only has an AFUE rating of 80 it means that only 80 percent of the energy used actually goes towards heating an area.  The remaining 20 percent is virtually wasted by heat getting out through places like the furnace venting area.

Sandy Furnace Repair Company

Installing a new furnace is a considerable investment and should be done with a well of expert knowledge. If you are in or around Sandy Utah and would like an opinion you can trust, call Plumbing Utah Heating & Air today at (801) 601-1298 to request a service call or estimation.


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