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Keep an eye out for heating issues this winter

Even though it has been cold for some time now, we are technically only 10 days into winter.  This means that our furnaces and central air units still have a long battle ahead to keep us warm.  You can have great peace of mind by having yearly furnace maintenance and inspection performed.  If you have yet to do so, we highly recommend scheduling one as soon as possible.  Professional tune-ups help avoid costly damage, keep warranties intact and help your furnace run efficiently and smoothly.  Even if you have had a local HVAC company visit recently, it is ai a good idea to learn the common warning signs that you may need a heater repair.

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The most common furnace issues to be aware of


Your home just can’t stay warm enough

Are there areas of your home that just won’t stay at a comfortable temperature?  Despite how high you have the thermostat set; you still find inside temperatures too cold for comfort.  Being too cold is a sure sign that something is wrong, either with your thermostat, heating system or perhaps even your ductwork.

Hearing odd noises while the furnace is operating

Strange noises can often go unnoticed because they don’t always get in the way of our furnace keeping us warm (at least for a while.)  Our furnaces may be installed in areas of our homes that we don’t often visit so these noises may go undetected for a longer time.  These noises can be a sign of a major problem.  For example, buzzing sounds may indicate that something electrical is going on, while a screech may be a worn-out belt that is soon to break.

The pilot light is yellow

Remember that in order for your furnace to operate safely the flame should always be blue.  If the color is not blue and is perhaps yellow, substances may be present on the burners that are interfering with the operation and more importantly, safety.  If you notice the pilot light is a weird color, you should shut off your heater and call a heating expert ASAP.  If you live in or around Salt Lake City you can reach us at (801) 601-1298 for immediate assistance.

You notice short cycling or a higher bill

Does it seem like your utility and energy bills are significantly higher than normal?  If so there may be an issue with how your furnace is running.  This is especially true if the increase in expenses is paired with short-cycling.  This problem should never be ignored and happens with our central air systems or furnaces are not running long enough to complete a full heating cycle.  These units then use too much energy each time it has to stop and start again.

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