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Best Temperature for Your Thermostat During June 2020

If you’ve been living in our wonderful state of Utah the last couple of weeks, you have experienced a rollercoaster ride of weather. Although Utah is one of the rare states that enjoy all four seasons, we weren’t expecting to endure all four seasons in a two week span. With unpredictable weather, some of you may wonder what is the best temperature to set your AC unit at for summer of 2020 in Utah. Your body can actually adjust over time to the temperature you surround it with. Meaning, you can acclimate your body to be able to be comfortable even in seventy eight degree weather. Seventy eight is a great number to have your AC set at because while you are out of your house for several hours, you will want to manually set your AC higher to save on your energy bill. The most common misconception is to turn off your AC unit while you are out of the house, but that is actually harder on your AC unit and more expensive to you over time because your AC unit will then need to work that much harder to bring the temperature of your entire house back down to what it was set at when you left. The recommended temperature to have it at while you are away is anywhere from eighty degrees to eighty five degrees. Just adjusting your AC unit by two to four degrees, could help save you up to ten percent on your energy bill. Then, when you return home, if you set it back down to seventy eight degrees, it will be a lot more cost effective than trying to lower it back down about ten degrees. Additionally, it is hard on your AC unit to fluctuate temperatures so drastically. If you have a hard time remembering to change your thermostat, you could purchase a programmable thermostat that will allow you to set timers for different temperature changes as you are sleeping, or away from your home. You may also want to consider wearing lighter clothing in the comfort of your own home. It is a lot easier and more affordable to adjust your attire than to adjust the thermostat. Another tip for reducing the cost of your energy bill is to close curtains in your home while you are away, or when you no longer need the sun light in that particular room. Blocking the sun rays from coming in to your home will help keep the interior temperature lower. Make sure to also be changing your AC unit filters at least once a month. This will save you up to fifteen percent on your energy bill.