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When To Call A Furnace Repair Company

No one wants to have a furnace emergency in the middle of our bitterly cold winters here in Utah. The best thing you can do is have the furnace checked as soon as possible. We usually recommend a fall pre-season furnace repair or tune-up so you are ready when the cold weather hits. If you haven’t had your furnace tuned up yet for this season, no worries, there is still time to have your annual furnace repair done. If you notice any of the following issues, you’ll want to call a furnace repair company right away:

When to Call a Furnace Repair Company

1. Electrical Issues

A heating professional should address all electrical issues. Even if you know a little about electrical work, do not attempt repairs you are not qualified to do. This will keep yourself and others out of harm’s way. If your lights flicker when your heating system turns on, call an HVAC repairman right away. Having a furnace repair company you can rely on can be a lifesaver during a heating emergency. 

2. Furnace is Making Noises

Your furnace could be louder than normal, but still, be fine. If you can tell the noise is coming from the ductwork, simply insulating the ductwork will help take care of the noise. However, if the noise is coming from the furnace system it could be a larger problem. Some of these problems include; the pilot light is not properly adjusted, the blower motor’s ports need oiling or perhaps there is an issue with the burner or belts.

Understanding the different Noises Coming From Your Furnace:

  • Popping or Pinging – The noise could be from the ductwork expanding and contracting as it heats and cools (thermal expansion).
  • Rattling – Loose panels could be causing the noise and may just need to be tightened.
  • Squealing – Generally, this type of sound is due to a belt that connects to the fan motor has slipped or needs to be replaced.
  • Grinding – Any type of grinding sounds will need to be addressed by a furnace repair technician. Most often this means the motor bearings need to be repaired. 

Furnace noises may not be an emergency, but you should have it checked out by a service technician as soon as possible. Early detection of a problem is key- it just may save you from a larger repair bill down the road. 

3. Furnace is Turning On and Off

If your furnace is quickly turning on and off again (rapid cycling) it could mean many things. The first reason may be a dirty or old air filter and if you haven’t replaced it recently, try doing so. It’s a quick and easy fix that may take care of the problem. Using old filters can put stress on the compressor and can cause mechanical problems over time. If a new filter does not fix the problem, you could have a more serious issue. There could be a problem with the blower motor or belts, and both require an HVAC technician.

4. You Smell Rotten Eggs / Sulfur   

First, make sure the residents of your home are safe before you try to get your problem fixed. If you smell a strange odor like rotten eggs, leave your home immediately. Go outside and call the gas company right away. You can’t actually smell or see natural gas so that is why mercaptan was added to it. It smells similar to a rotten egg, so you can easily determine you have a gas leak.

5. Your Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

First, check to see if the blower is clear of any debris. You should also see a flashing light. If the light is green, everything is fine. If the light is red or there is no light at all, call an HVAC Company right away. The furnace problem may be with the blower motor, the thermostat, furnace control board, transformer, or run capacitor.

6. The Pilot Light Flame Is Not Blue

Every so often you will want to check the color of your pilot light flame. Natural gas gives off a blue color when it burns. If you check your furnace flame, and the color is closer to a yellow color, it may be a problem with combustion. A Combustion problem could mean a surplus of carbon monoxide. This is a potentially dangerous situation and it’s time to call a professional HVAC repair company.

7. Your Heat Suddenly Shuts Off

It may not be an immediate emergency if your heat suddenly turns off. There are several things you can safely troubleshoot before calling a repair company:

  • Check the thermostat – You may need to replace the batteries if your thermostat is blinking. 
  • Reset your home circuit breaker – It’s always a good idea to check in case something popped a breaker
  • Check the furnace air filter – If the filter is clogged, it could cause your system to turn off. If none of these DIY options work, it’s time to call a furnace repair company.

Trust A Local Furnace Repair Company

Even though DIY repairs can be cost-effective, it is important to know what you’re doing before working on something so important as your furnace. Not only does your heating system add comfort, but also adds value to your home and should be maintained regularly. Relying on a trusted HVAC professional is a great way to keep you and your family comfortable in your home. Call Plumbing Utah Heating & Air for furnace repair today at  (801) 601-1298.