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How to Help Keep your Indoor Air Cleaner in Utah


If you live in or around Salt Lake City, UT, you have no doubt noticed the smokey air outside. Not only is the air smelly, dirty and blocks out the sun, it is also bad for the health of everyone. Health officials have recommended that you stay indoors as much as possible until the air has left the valley. This is good advice, especially when you consider that Salt Lake City had the worst air quality anywhere on the planet at one point last week. All Salt Lake residents have become familiar with the inversion that happens every year during winter. The air quality outside right now poses an even more significant health risk.
Below are some ways you and our HVAC team can help keep your indoor quality healthy and safe for everyone.

How to help keep your indoor air quality healthy

It is essential to remember that the air outside is not safe for anyone of any age to breathe. The poor air quality poses a larger risk to young children, the elderly, or anyone suffering from a heart or lung condition.

Things you can do on your own

You can do things right away to help keep your indoor air quality clean and safe. The first step is to make sure that all your windows are tightly closed.  If possible, we recommend keeping them closed until health officials announce that the outside air is safe to breathe again.  It would help if you also tried to keep your home as clean as possible. This includes washing your sheets more often, mopping, vacuuming, and doing more loads of laundry. The dirty air particles from the fire will eventually settle on our floors, clothing, and carpets. You may have noticed that your clothes or the inside of your car smell like you have been around a campfire recently.

Replace your dirty air filters

We recommend changing your air filters every 30-60 days to maintain the efficiency of your cooling and heating units. This is one of the most cost-effective and minimal ways to help extend the lifespan of your furnace and air conditioner. While the outside air is grey and filled with particulates, you must ensure these filters are clean and clear. Usually, a minimal rating and cheaper filter are acceptable if changed regularly. However, you may want to spring for the more expensive yet higher-quality filters for the time being.

Our heating and cooling specialists are here to help address concerns you may have about your indoor air quality. Call us today at (801) 601-1298 to speak with a customer service representative and schedule an appointment.

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