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Avoidable Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

We are about to enter the coldest and snowiest winter in a long time. Our weather forecast has given winter weather advisories to everyone along the Northern Wasatch Front. According to Energy Star, your furnace and heating system account for the most expensive part of your utility bill. In efforts to save money, you may have found false information online that has led you astray. To save more money in the long run, follow these few tips that our expert HVAC technicians at Plumbing Utah Heating and Air have compiled for you.

Crank Up The Thermostat

When it comes to your heater, there are no shortcuts that can be taken. Your heating system works at one speed, so if you think that you can crank the thermostat to get the room warmer quicker, don’t because it won’t. This will only make your heating system work harder, in turn, costing more money.

Gap Escape

Cold air is notorious for creeping through the gaps in your windows and doors. This results in an unnecessary strain on your heating system. Ensure that you are keeping your precious, expensive warm air by installing draft stoppers or weatherstripping along the bottoms, tops, and sides of your windows and doors.

Alternative Sources of Heat

The warm air in the room may not satisfy your needs, so you will want to turn to other heat sources, such as a fireplace or space heater. Our technicians recommend to only use them in addition to your heating system instead of relying on them to warm your entire house – it’s expensive and can quickly become a fire hazard.

Closed Doors

If you’re not using a room, it would make sense to close off the doorways and vents, right? However, this only puts extra pressure on to your system and obstructs airflow. Leave the doors and vents open to avoid higher utility bills.

Wrong Time For Heat

If you are running your furnace to run at all times, you can be wasting a lot of money and precious hot air. Find times that you can give your heating system a break to get a break on your heating bill. Plumbing Utah Heating and Air recommends having a programmable thermostat that can schedule your heating system to run at a lower temperature when everyone is sleeping or out of the house. Optimizing your thermostat settings can save you as much as 10% on your heating cost.

If you need any help finding the correct routine for your heating system, call our experienced HVAC technicians at Plumbing Utah Heating and Air to get your system optimized today and for your to start saving money. Call our offices during regular business hours to get a free consultation on your furnace and heating systems today!

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