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Our plumbers are always ready to serve residential and commercial customers. Most of the time we are ready for same day dispatch. Call today to schedule a drain jetting expert.  We serve all of 84037 and all other zip codes in Kaysville.


What causes a drain to clog?

We have seen it countless times, all of the sudden people’s drains are clogged and they don’t know why.  The truth is that given a large enough timeframe almost any drain or pipe will clog if is it not properly maintained.  What causes the drains to clog has a lot to do with what type of drain it is.  Below is some helpful information so that you can avoid a clogged drain in the future.

Hair & Soap Causing Clogs

These two materials are one of the main culprits behind clogged drainpipes in bathrooms.  Human hair will get stuck in pipes and this material will build up over time to the point where water will no longer flush down the drain.  Soap can also cause clogs by creating a hard mineral buildup commonly known as soap scum.  You can help avoid issues from both hair and soap by installing grates over your drains or hair guards that do not allow hair to go down the drain.  You should also consider not using bar-style soaps that are made from fat or grease.


Snake and Scour Jetting

Not all clogs are created equal.  It is up to the plumber to determine the best way to clean your pipes and get your drains flowing again.  One popular option is known as hydrojetting.  The process is much like the name implies.  The plumber will use machinery to deliver high-pressure water through the piping system.  Experts will know how much pressure to apply to the situation.  Most hydrojetting machines will be able to deliver up to 5,000 psi and shoot over 20 gallons of water per minute.  This pressure washing will remove small to mid-sized objects, and scour the interior walls of the pipes.  This method is a fantastic way to remove grease, mineral build-up, soap scum, grease and all sorts of things that clog your pipes.


Drain line cabling services

At Plumbing Utah Heating & Air our technicians know that properly evaluate the clog before they begin working to clear the line.  We have the latest technology at our disposal to make sure that the right technique is being used.  Water or sewer line camera inspections are a useful way to see that obstruction to better evaluate solutions.  When a clog is especially stubborn it may be determined that your drains need to be cabled.  This method is commonly referred to as “rooter” and used sharp metal cables to push clogs down the drain.  Cable machines use a rotating cable with a cutting head on the end.  This is mechanically pushed through the pipe to cut through obstructions including tree roots, toys, toilet paper and all the things that commonly clog drains.


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