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In the plumbing world, the terms like “rooter” or “roto-rooter” are very common and usually thought of synonymously with drain cleaning. However, a rooter is more specifically a machine that is used to clean and clear tree and plant roots out of pipes. At Plumbing Utah we only use top of the line rooter machines to keep your pipes clean, clear and free of debris.

What is a rooter?

Sam_Blanc_and_Early_MachineIn the 1920s a man named Samuel Blanc invented the rooter machine after he was frustrated with poor plumbing in an apartment building he was living in. By using a washing machine motor, a wheel from a child’s wagon and a steel cable he constructed the world’s very first rooter machine. Today’s modern roto-rooter machines are essentially an industrial or high-powered drain snake with blades on the end that cut and wipe out tree roots that have made their way inside your pipes. Before this great invention, plumbers would have to dig around people’s yards blindly hoping to find the cause of the problem.

Our promise to you

We are dedicated to providing Salt Lake County with the best, most affordable solutions to household plumbing issues. Our experienced staff is on call 24 hours a day to deal with any drain cleaning or rooter needs. We come to your location and provide expert analysis that will allow you to make the right decision. Our work is completely backed up by warranties and satisfaction guarantees. If your pipes don’t keep flowing like normal after we have come to your house all you need to do is call and we will be on our way to provide additional services at no cost to you.
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