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Sewer main repair or replacement

Sewer Line Repair

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Much like any of the pipes that are in or around your home, they can be compromised over time. In many cases, this is due to mother nature herself. Things like small tremors or large earthquakes can cause your sewer pipes to leak and crack. Even tree and bush roots can make their way into your sewer main over time and cause leaks, especially at the joints. This will cause low water flow and even cause your sewer system to become backed up.

What is your sewer main exactly?

Your sewer main is where all of the drains inside your home leave your house and run into the city sewer main. This includes your kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, and toilets. A number of problems can occur with these pipes such as, separations of joints, roots intruding, and collapsed or corroded pipes. The piping that was installed many years ago has come a long way. In most cases we can replace an entire sewer line at a price others would estimate for one repair. Along with this advancement, we no longer use metal. Out materials and fittings are now manufactured to outlive us. We want to keep you flowing for years to come. That is why Plumbing Utah is one of, if not the only plumbing company to offer a complimentary 3-year warranty on all services. In cases where sewage or backup drains have caused a mess, we have disaster clean up crews waiting to assist you.

Trench-less sewer main repair.

This is a great option in situations where you want as little intrusion as possible to your property. Depending on the situation we can replace your broken sewer main line without digging or excavate your yard. We are also happy to announce that our trenchless sewer mainliners come with a 30 warranty and in cases where it is more advantageous to not dig we can get the job done. And as always, Plumbing Utah can get the job done at a fraction of the price of other companies.

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