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Why is my Water Cloudy?


There are two different kinds of people when it comes to drinking water. One type of person isn’t too picky and is fine grabbing a drink from the hose. The other person takes extra steps to help ensure they are only drinking purified water. Perhaps researching purity levels on popular bottled water brands was surprising if you are the second type of person. In some cases, the purity levels were no different from water that comes right out of your tap at home. There is nothing like grabbing a glass of ice water on a hot summer day. But how appealing is that glass of water to you if it is cloudy or looks dirty?

What Causes Cloudy Home Water

There are a few common reasons why your home water may appear cloudy out of the tap. Below are some common reasons we see across the Salt Lake Valley.

Air Bubbles

The water that comes through your pipes is pressurized.  Quick changes happen when water goes from outside your home, into your lines, and out the faucet. It is pretty standard for air bubbles to form when your faucet is running full blast. Take a clear glass and test your tap water. The water should settle and appear more transparent after a few seconds.

Hot Water Sediment

Hot water is more likely to appear cloudy when it comes out of your faucet or kitchen sink. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that hot water is experiencing even more pressure and rapid temperature changes than cold water. This will make the water appear murky until the water gets a chance to settle in your glass or cooking pot. The second reason hot water is cloudier is your water heater system. Traditional water heaters have a large tank that stores hot water for use throughout the home. As this water sits in the tank, the bottom will fill with sediment over time. If your hot water appears dirtier than before, it is probably a good time to request a water heater flush.

Health Concerns with Cloudy Water

Ninety percent of all homes and businesses along the Wasatch Front get their water from local mountain sources. According to water databases, most homes have hard water sediment minerals in their water supply. These minerals are not dangerous when kept below certain levels. Your local water department helps ensure that all homes are provided with safe-to-drink water within their homes. There are a few situations where home water becomes dangerous, for example, if methane levels get too high in the water.

Therefore, purifying and filtering hard water is more about personal preference and maintaining your fixtures and utilities. If you live in an area with noticeably hard water, we suggest contacting a reputable plumbing company near you. Water quality plumbers have an arsenal of solutions that can help keep your water clean and clear. This includes but is not limited to water softeners, UV purification lighting, water filters, and installing a gas or electric tankless water heater.

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