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Water main repair or replacement

Water Main Repair

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What is a water main?

Your water main is the main water supply piping from the city’s water meter to just inside your home. Many times problems or leaks can occur in this piping that can be repaired at a minimal cost. In some instances, this line may need to be completely replaced. Most problems are caused when dirt and debris from the ground travel upwards into your faucets and fixtures. This can cause damage to internal components, driving your water bill through the roof. For example, one pinhole can leak multiple gallons per minute, doubling or tripling your utility bill if not taken care of right away. Most people will not know that they have an underground leak, which is why we have instated our complementary diagnostics. Regardless of why we are there, we check your water meter so you can rest assured that no steps are overlooked.

Fixing the problem from the ground up

Upon arrival to your plumbing problem out technicians are trained to take the appropriate steps to ensure a problem is not overlooked or incorrectly diagnosed you can rest assured that first and foremost the pressure or hardness water pressure levels will be checked free of charge. We have the latest technology and capabilities to complete your project in a clean and timely manner. In many cases, we can install complete water main trench-less technologies. To keep your landscape looking as Are outside your house to the street. Getting rid of your galvanized piping is essential for many reasons including the lifetime of your fixtures and all components within your home. And for many health reasons.


Trench-less water main replacement

Shrubs trees, sidewalks, driveways, immaculate front yard. We don’t want to tear that up. Often times we are able to pull our your damaged water main from inside your home all the way to the cities water meter. All plumbing services are guaranteed with a one-year warranty. Our water mains have a three-year warranty. Our water mains outshine competitors in that we have a 3-year guarantee on all water main work, where others are a maximum of one year.

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