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Water Filtration and Treatment

Water Filtration and Treatment

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Our plumbers are experts at creating ideal water purification and treatment solutions for residential homes and businesses.  By leveraging the latest technology, we can help make your water taste better, smell better, and be safer to drink.  Most of Utah’s drinking water comes from two sources. This includes surface water, such as lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. The other source is provided by groundwater, mostly wells and springs.

If you live in a relatively populated area, your water source is most likely surface water that is then treated. Drinking water provided by a local municipality is typically disinfected and filtered. However, this only takes our water purification to a certain point. Local homes and businesses have found that additional steps can be taken to make your indoor water the same quality as any bottle water source.

How to Tell If Your Water is Quality?

Home test kits are available that will test the elements found within your water. These tests will check for common sediments, as well as harmful chemicals such as methane. In rare cases, local drinking water can become dangerous. This is especially true if the people drinking the water are elderly or have illnesses. Apart from testing, our senses provide us with the easiest method to determine if we are drinking quality water.

Look at the water:  Does the water appear cloudy or murky? In many cases, you will visually see that the water is not pure.

Smell the water:  Clean and clear water will have little to no scent. If your water has a lot of sediment or minerals, you will be able to smell the difference. Customers have reported that their untreated water has a metallic or even a rotten eggs smell to it.

Taste the water:  Not all water will taste the same. The difference in flavor comes from the extra sediment or minerals found in the water. Although sediment is generally not harmful, it will have an unpleasant taste. If you have a refrigerator with a water spout, you will usually notice a difference in flavor from the fridge water versus the tap from your kitchen faucet.

Ways Plumbers Can Treat Water

The best plumbing companies will have an arsenal of solutions at their disposal. Suggestions are made based on your water treatment needs, desired outcomes, and how naturally hard your local water supply is. Let’s look at some of the most common ways water can be treated.

Carbon Filters

These filters effectively remove or reduce many contaminants found in most household water supplies. This includes VOCs (volatile organic compounds), chlorine, lead, fluoride, pesticides, and more.

Sediment Filters

Sediment filters remove suspended minerals found in water. This includes minerals such as iron or copper. Other elements include sand, silt, scale, and all the items typically associated with hard water.

UV Lighting Treatment

Bacteria can be killed and treated by using ultra-violet light. Chlorine is typically added to drinking water to help destroy pathogens related to waterborne illnesses. UV filters are shown to be even more effective at sanitizing water as it passes through your internal pipes.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Commonly referred to as an RO System. These handy devices are installed under your kitchen sink using simple chemistry to provide clean drinking water to your kitchen faucet and water deepening refrigerator. These filters use the system of reverse osmosis to pass water through a filtering membrane.


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