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Team Members


Brandon Taylor


Brandon is the owner and operator of Plumbing Utah Heating & Air. He has been plumbing since the age of 15, giving him a total of 23 years of plumbing experience in the state of Utah. Brandon has extensive experience in large commercial developments all the way down to home service repair projects. He started plumbing with his grandpa, where he learned to do things the right way the first time. When Brandon turned 18 he got his first job as a commercial plumber. Since then Brandon has continued to take part in various plumbing projects ranging from hospitals, dentists offices, and small residential homes.

Awards and Certifications

Plumbing apprenticeship license in 2004
Medical gas installer and brazier certification in 2006
Completed 4 years of plumbing trade school in 2008
Master plumbing license
Contractor’s license
Certificate from the Utah homes builders association.

Brandon is a father of 4 children. He has continued on to create a distinguished business in the heart of Salt Lake City. He uses his extensive plumbing expertise to hire only the best and brightest in the field. It is his goal to have Plumbing Utah Heating & Air become a household name the people all over the state can trust and rely on.


Mitch Neiberger


Mitch is a great service plumber. He is hard working and not afraid to get his hands dirty on the hard jobs like drain cleaning and sewer main or water main repairs. He is a great addition to Plumbing Utah Heating & Air and we are excited to work with him for years to come.


Ron Pearson

Team Lead

Ron became a part of the Plumbing Utah Heating & Air family with over 30 years of experience working in construction and plumbing industry. He started out working in the petroleum industry in the 1970s. As you can expect, Ron has seen it all. From repairing galvanized fuel lines to government contractor work. Ron finally settled down in Kearns, UT with his 2 sons doing work for the Union Pacific Railroad.

Ron has earned a reputation as a re-pipe expert, along with one of the best leak detection agents in the local field today. Ron is known for giving reliable consultations, especially when it comes to dealing with hard water issues that are so prevalent in Utah. If you are experiencing piping problems such as leaks, strange noises or lack of water pressure, Ron is the guy to speak to.


Pam Tillman

Office Manager

Pam is the person who helps keep the company organized and running smoothly. She is the person who you can count on seeing when you step in Plumbing Utah Heating & Air’s headquarters. Pam helps get the right plumbers to the right jobs. Her day to day duties includes answering phones, scheduling, and dispatch, and expertly handling the company’s accounts payable/receivable.

Before working with us Pam owned a restaurant industry supply company for over 20 years. She has 5 years of experience working in the plumbing industry, wearing many different hats and performing a wide range of tasks along the way. Pam has one son who is an engineer that lives out of state. Pam is a skilled artist, with a master’s in art history. During her free time, she loves making custom wedding dresses and other high-end clothing.