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Making sure your pipes do not leak is an important part of any home upkeep plan. The problem is that not all leaks are obvious. Sometimes the leak is so small that it cannot be detected by the naked eye. Other times leaks happen in pipes that are not usually visible. There are a variety of places where leaks can occur and likewise, a there are a lot of things that can cause a leak.

Common causes of pipe leaking

Wear and tear on the pipe

Pipes just like all things can and do deteriorate over time. Pipes freezing during the winter time or pipes getting old, can and will cause leaks over time. Repairing and fixing these leaks are all part of home and business maintenance.

Chemical corrosion

Sometimes the chemical buildup of your tap water can cause corrosion of your pipes over time. Harsh chemical drain cleaners that are not properly washed out can also eat away at your pipes and cause leaks.

Tree roots and ground settling

Mother nature is not always on our side when it comes to our homes. Tree and plant roots can grow into your piping system and cause extensive damage.

The risks of leaky pipes

There are many risks to you, your family and your home when it comes to a leak. From a health perspective, water leaks can cause molds which can lead to sickness or worse if exposed to the mold over time. Gas leaks are just, if not more dangerous because they are usually harder to notice and can have life-threatening side effects. There are also cost damages associated with a leak such as an inflated water and utility bill. Finally, damage to your personal property or home can be caused by a leak.

Leak detection services

Our highly trained technicians can detect a leak wherever it may occur. Whether it is a drain, sewer, water main, gas line or airline, we have the latest technology and equipment to accurately pinpoint your leak. The best strategy is always going to be detection and prevention. This is true in any area of your property, including under a concrete slab, the foundation of your home, or business, within your walls, or under the grounds of your home. At Plumbing Utah, we only use the latest technology for detecting leaks. Our testing equipment consists of cameras that are used for drains and sewer lines. Audible leak detection equipment for underground utilities, and gas smell detectors for an interior leak. We also offer a state of the art equipment that can alert you to future leaks.

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