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When dealing with frozen water pipes the situation needs to get better before it gets worse. What this means is as a home or business owner it is vital that you shut off the water main and call a plumber to thaw out your frozen pipes. As water freezes, it expands and causes an increase in the internal pressure of your water piping system. Just like your windshield in wintertime, small cracks or fractures can burst wide open causing significant damage. In fact, burst pipes are one of the most common homeowner’s insurance claims, with damages averaging around $5000.

Water pipe thawing service company.

Properly thawing your water pipe is a vital step in reducing any damage that a frozen pipe can cause. Perhaps more plumbing service calls are a result of people attempting to thaw out their pipes, rather than the frozen pipe in the first place. The signs of frozen pipes can sometimes be visible and sometimes you will have to use a little intuition to determine if this could be a possible cause of your plumbing issue. If visible pipes have frost or ice on or around the pipes this is obviously a sign that the pipes have ice and will seize up. The lines can also expand and have sections that have bulged up. Another warning signal could be that temperatures have recently dropped and your faucets won’t run or your toilet does not refill upon flushing.

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Although technically a water pipe that has been frozen over is not necessarily an emergency, a burst pipe certainly is. Please call our company line at 801-601-1298 to speak with a specialist anytime day or night.

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