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Having an issue with your toilet is just one of those plumbing issues that seems to hit home harder than most. Not only are they super inconvenient, they can also cause much larger problems if not addressed quickly. The thing about toilet issues is that sometimes the fix is easy and can usually be done by homeowners without too much hassle. However, what can be thought of as a simple issue like a clog or small leak can often be the symptom of a much larger issue like the sewer main leak or bad connection. If you have tried to fix your broken toilet and the issue is still present it is best to call a local plumbing company immediately.

Here are a few of the most common problems people face with their toilets


Clogs are the most common problem, if your toilet is hesitant to flush or if it is overflowing, it is probably clogged. Clogged toilets can flood your bathroom, and cause damage to your flooring and anything else in the area. Water damage is costly, and coming from your toilet it is also unsanitary and can pose health risks. Therefore it’s crucial that you get professional help when dealing with a clogged toilet. Plumbing Utah Heating & Air uses professional equipment designed to remove any debris clogging your toilet. This ensures that your pipes are clear of any blockages that might cause future problems.

What clogs toilets?

A number of objects can clog a toilet, but the most common causes of clogged toilets are paper products that do not disintegrate upon contact with water. These products include sanitary napkins, baby wipes, facial tissue and paper towels.
A lot of times people will think that their toilet is just simply clogged but it turns out that their water main is broken. The water main is the large pipe that connects your house to the city’s water supply. To find out if this could be the underlying issue of your toilet, Give us a call!

Noisy/Leaking Toilet

A standard toilet has at least five seals with the potential for leaking. If you have water on the floor around your toilet, get the problem repaired right away so moisture does not damage your subfloor. If you hear a sustained hissing sound coming from your toilet, it’s probably a result of water trickling into the tank via the supply line. A toilet that won’t stop running wastes water and costs money.

Do you know the high cost of wasted water?

Each time you flush your toilet you are using up to 3-5 gallons of water per flush. This especially holds true if your toilet is more than 10 years-old. On top of everyday toilet use, a running/leaking toilet can waste as much as 500 gallons of water per day. It is the general consensus that any leak that goes unrepaired will cost no less than $300 per year in wasted water.

Lost Flushing Power

The Bowl Empties Slowly A bowl that empties slowly — also known as a weak flush — is usually the result of clogged holes underneath the rim of the bowl.

Toilet repair plumbers in Utah

Most toilets operate with plastic, cheaply made parts, which are relied on for making the toilet function properly. When those parts break or become defective, it prevents your toilet from operating properly and can result in overflows, increased utility bills due to running water, and more. Whether water drains from the tank into the bowl causing constant tank filling, or the water level assembly breaks or the toilet drain clogs, toilets are commonly susceptible to numerous problems that can put a crimp in your daily routine. Some minor toilet repairs can be made by homeowners. And there are several basic remedies to attempt to unclog a toilet. But if internal parts are faulty and need to be replaced, or if a plunger isn’t working, you need to rely on professionals who will do the job right and get your toilet working quickly once again. A clogged toilet could be an indication of more serious issues in your sewer line, so it is important to have the problem inspected by a trained professional.

Does your toilet need to be repaired? Is it noisy? Does it run non-stop? Has it lost its flushing power? Most of these problems can be remedied with a simple toilet repair by Plumbing Utah Heating & Air. However, it is possible that it may be time for a new toilet to be installed. Whether you need to repair or upgrade your toilet to a new, more efficient toilet in Sandy Utah, our staff of dedicated, experienced and reliable plumbing technicians can repair or replace your toilet (any make or model).Our trained plumbing experts are standing by to help provide you with speedy, professional service and a free, no obligation estimate on your toilet repair or replacement.

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