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Sump pump maintenance tips

Simple things to keep your sump pump running.

A sump pump is one of those units that you may only need to use a few times a year. However, it is important that things run correctly when you need it. A properly working sump pump is vital to prevent flooding and water damage to your home or business. Since these units usually stay in the basement, they can sometimes get forgotten about. We have a few maintenance tips to help ensure your sump pump continues to work properly. If a problem occurs and your sump pump needs to be repaired or replaced call a local sump pump repair company right away.

Inspect your sump pump every few months.

You can do a visual inspection of the sump pump and the well to ensure that there are no signs of debris or objects that will impede the pump to drain water correctly. It is also highly recommended that you test the pump by pouring a bucket of water in the sump pit. The pump should sense that there is water in the pit, turn on automatically, and remove the water and shut off. A properly working sump pump should be able to do this all within just a few seconds.


Ensure your pump basin lid is properly sealed.

After a while, it is common for the lid of the sump basin to become loose and expose the sump pump. The first problem is that this can expose your home or business to excess moisture. The second issue is that your sump basin can start to gather debris and objects. There are a lot of items to gather in a basement. Things like dryer lint, small children’s toys, or even clothes that fall when you wash your clothes. These items can accumulate and cause clogs in your sump pump, resulting in a potential flooding of your basement.

Perform safety inspections.

It is a great idea to tie the cords up to prevent tangling. Pump cords getting caught up in the float switch is a common and preventable problem. We suggest using zip ties to bind all the cords together, this will help keep them from bunching up in the sump basin. It is also highly recommended that you change out the batteries on your unit every 2-3 years. One final thought is to reference the manufacturer booklet to see if your pump recommends any other tasks, maintenance or warranty issues that you should be aware of.

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