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Plumbing Utah Makes Finding Natural Gas Leaks Easy

Here at Plumbing Utah we take finding water, sewer, air and gas leaks seriously.  We have quickly built a reputation for being able to pinpoint leaks when others cannot.  Recently owner, Brandon Taylor has taken even more steps to put our leak location services miles above anyone else.  We are excited and proud to be able to offer infrared technology to locate areas of concentrated methane gas.  For those who don’t know, natural gas is comprised primarily of methane gas.  By using infrared technology our contractors can find the exact location where your pipe is leaking.

The right tech for gas leaks

The wonderful feature of our new technology is that we can find a leak even if it is buried underground.  On a recent job, we were called out of town to the great state of Idaho to help an industrial business.  This particular facility was located on a large industrial park with thousands of feet of underground pipe.  To the frustration of this business, they had several other leak detection companies come out, and could not find the source of the leak.  Our technicians had the right tools for the job and were able to save the day.


Working with a professional leak locate company

Although leak location and repair may not sound like the most exciting field, to us it is.  It is an extremely rewarding feeling to be able to save people time and money by providing top of the line service with cutting-edge equipment.  All of our contractors feel a sense of pride when we see the relief on our customer’s face to learn that we found the problem area and can fix it right away.  If you are a homeowner and want to avoid a large excavation of your yard, give us a call.  If you are a business and need someone to find the source of your natural gas leak you are in the right place.  We invite you to call our office at (801) 601-1298 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our gas leak detection services today.

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