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Commercial leak repairs at Devereaux Mansion

Our leak location team saves the day

Our leak repair contractors are quickly gaining a reputation for the best leak detection team in Utah. This last week we were called to the locally famous Devereaux Mansion to find an underground leak. Needless to say, it was a special job for us to provide emergency pipe repair services for a historic site in Salt Lake City. The Devereaux Mansion was the first home built in the Salt Lake Valley that had a large enough scale to be considered a mansion. More importantly, it was a meeting place between Brigham Young and Governor Alfred Cummings to resolve The Utah War.

Commercial leak repair project

We were called to the site by representatives from the property management company responsible for the mansion. They were dealing with a large underground water leak that needed to be located and fixed as quickly as possible. Other companies were called previously and were not able to find the source of the leaking water. Plumbing Utah Heating & Air arrived on scene and was able to find the source of the problem within 2 hours of arrival. You may be asking yourself, “why could we find the leak when others couldn’t?” The answer is a combination of experienced technicians and the right equipment for the job. We utilize top of the line equipment when it comes to finding and repairing water, air, gas and sewer leaks. For this job, we used high-end acoustic and tracer leak detection technology. This allows us to pinpoint both the depth and location of the damaged water main.

How the leak was repaired

Once the source of the problem was found we carefully excavated the property and repaired the pipe within 4 hours. The culprit was a 3-inch soft copper water main leaking thousands of gallons a day. When that much water is leaking it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. Not only do unattended water leaks cost money, they can lead to large structural damage that can potentially cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair. It was important to our team that we worked quickly, yet cleanly. After all, we wouldn’t want the beautiful landscape of the Mansion to be torn up or damaged.

Don’t let a leak wait around

We invite you to take a look at the images found in this article to get a sense of what this job was like for us. You can see our contractors at work, as well as the before and after pictures of this project. We are happy to serve all municipalities, industrial facilities, commercial businesses, and of course residential customers. If you are dealing with a leak of any kind we consider it an emergency situation. Call our office today at (801) 601-1298 to speak with a technician and schedule an appointment.


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