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Plumbing Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Fall

Although it may seem a little premature, we want to get you maintenance tips nice and early so that when autumn does come you are ready.  The main goal when preparing the plumbing at your home or business is to prevent damage that can lead to leaks.

We always recommend diligence when the seasons change.  In all honesty, 20 minutes of quick prep-work can save you loads of headache once winter comes.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Plumbing Utah Heating & Air to speak with a specialist.

Things you can do to prepare your plumbing for fall.

  1. Check your outdoor hoses and faucets.  If you have outdoor faucets and hoses you will want to make sure that they are properly disconnected. Once the hose has been disconnected you will want to drain all water and store the hose in a safe, dry place until next season.  Finally, inspect the faucet or spigot to make sure that there are no visible signs of leaking, cracks or anything that should be repaired before winter brings its freeze.
  2. Turn your interior shut-off valves.  There should be a valve in your home or business that supplies water to your outside fixtures. Simply turn the valves to the “off” position to stop water from being supplied to these pipes.  Doing this will help to ensure that water is not stuck in the pipes over winter.
  3. Properly insulate pipes that are not in the house or heated areas.  You can purchase simple pipe insulation kits from your local hardware store. They should have fairly straightforward instructions to help insulate your pipes over the cold winter months.  Should your pipes freeze, we are happy to offer local pipe thawing services to anyone that should need them.
  4. Inspect your sump pumps.  It is highly advisable that you inspect your sump pump before it begins to frost in the mornings. Make sure that your sump pump is properly draining and showing no signs of leaks.  Should standing water be allowed to rest it can freeze and prevent your sump pump from working.  This is also a sign that damage can happen as a result of the expanding water.  If you are concerned about the condition of your sump pump contact our office to request a sump pump inspection from an expert plumber.
  5. Flush and inspect your water heater.  It should come as no surprise that your water heater is going to work harder in winter to produce the same level of hot water. We recommend flsuhing your water heater before winter in order to remove sediment build up.  You are also going to want to perform a quick inspection for any signs of leaks, cracks or anything that can show signs of an impending problem.

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