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How to save money on your home or business plumbing.

Plumbing Utah Heating & Air is a family business.  Our staff, technicians, contractors, and plumbers are all local residents who have called Utah their home for decades.  We have a strong sense of community and work hard to help our neighbors save money while keeping their plumbing flowing correctly.  We wanted to share our experience in hopes that it can help you save money on your home or business plumbing needs.

Regular maintenance and inspections will save you money in the long run.

One of the most important pieces of information we would like to share is the fact that prevention helps avoid large damage.  Plumbing problems tend to start out small and get worse over time.  If you stay diligent and inspect areas of your home or business that are not frequently visited you can detect issues like leaks, clogs, damaged pipes and so forth.  We cannot tell you how many times our plumbers have been able to provide inexpensive solutions to problems that could have led to hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage.    


Replace outdated and inefficient models when necessary.

Plumbing is one of mankind’s oldest trades.  The basic principles are still very much the same.  However, plumbing and plumbers alike have benefited from advanced technology just like everything else in our lives.  Whether we are talking about faucets, water heaters or toilets, there will be energy efficient models that save money and lower the footprint we have on our planet.

Use your plumbing fixtures the way they were meant to be used.

Many of the repair calls we receive are a direct result of people misusing their plumbing fixtures.  As a home or business owner, you can save hundreds of dollars by simply following manufacturer instructions and maintaining your equipment properly.  Common examples include how you use your garbage disposal.  Don’t put anything down the disposal that should not go down the drain, things like grease or stringy food.  The same principles go for your toilet as materials that were not meant to be flushed can clog or permanently damage your toilet.

One final take away to help save money.

Responsible property owners generally know the common things they can do to save money on their plumbing needs.  Easy things like repairing dripping faucets or not letting the water run quickly come to mind.  Preventing large problems and quickly diagnosing small problems are something that does not come to mind as regularly.  However, if you slightly change the way you think about your plumbing and take the advice found in this article you can save yourself large amounts of money each year.  It really comes down to lengthening the lifespan of your pipes and water utilities and minimizing the amount of damage a plumbing problem may create.

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