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Advice for Drain Cleaning in Salt Lake City

Home and business owners know that it is important to keep your drains functioning properly.  Day in and day out our humble drains take our water and waste away for us.  Most of the time these pipes work the way they were intended, but when they don’t it causes problems for everyone.  The reality of the situation is that it is fairly easy to avoid needing to call a Salt Lake City drain cleaning company.  If that is, you follow these simple steps and maintain your indoor plumbing on a regular basis.

Signs that your drains have clogged.

Although it may sound simple to know when a clog has occurred, it is worth it to go over for those who may have never dealt with the issue directly.  In general there are two types of blockages, a full and a partial.  A partial blockage can be difficult to detect because water may still drain, just slightly slower than usual.  A complete clog will not allow water to drain at all and are harder to repair.  Many times clogs do not just happen out of nowhere, they build up over time as gunk, sludge, and hair collect together.  Simple signs to look for include water draining slowly, a foul smell coming from the pipe, and any strange gurgling noises when the drain is used.  The funny smell is a result of the materials making the clog beginning to rot, while the noise is a result of trapped air escaping around the blockage as water passes around it.


Many times a clog is due to a collapsed or broken sewer main.  This can be easily fixed by our team of specialists and diagnosed, and located with our sewer camera.  These issues can lead to large damage and should be addressed immediately.

What causes plugged drains and what you can do about it?

We have cleared a lot of drains in Salt Lake City throughout the years.  In that time we have determined that the two most common categories of drain clogs come from foreign objects getting stuck, and a buildup of materials over time.  The easiest way to avoid any necessary drain cleaning or even professional jetting comes from only letting liquids down any drain.  Things like grease, hair, and soap can and will build up over time and cause clogs.

Another factor is how old your actual pipes and plumbing system is.  Older homes were built using galvanized steel.  Over time the pipes can rust and calcium or other minerals from water can line the inside of your pipes.  If this is the case in your home or business you may want to consider calling a local repiping company near you to speak with a professional about replacing your outdated pipping.  This is true whether we are talking about your toilets, showers, bathtubs, bathroom sinks and even your kitchen sink.

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