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Spring Plumbing 101: A Comprehensive Checklist


Spring, the season marking longer, warmer days, flowers begin to bloom and of course a bunch of winter cleaning. Winter takes a toll on your home and spring is when you get it back in order. However, the most important part is your plumbing care. Below is a comprehensive checklist for you to get your plumbing back to its tip-top shape so you can enjoy the warm spring days:

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–          Clear your gutters and downspouts. Inspect to see if there’s any damage caused by the weight of the snow and ice.

–          Clean patio drains to make sure water can flow through.

–          Check your garden hoses for loose connections, splits, or any cracks that may have developed through the rapid expansion and retraction of the rubber from the temperature changes.

–          Flush your sprinklers to check for leaks.

–          Remove any temporary insulation.


–          Make sure the water heater temperature is set properly and that it is not fluctuating sporadically.

–          Inspect your washing machine and refrigerator water hoses, replace them if needed.

–          Check for any leaks in your plumbing around the house. A really good way of testing to see if you have a leak is to look at your water meter before going to bed and analyzing it in the morning if there is an unexplained amount of water loss then chances are you have a leak somewhere or a slowly dripping faucet.

–          Clean your dishwasher’s drain and unclog any blocked holes in the sprayer. You do not want to have any unnecessary pressure in the water hose of your dishwasher.

–          Drain and flush any water from your water heater to clear any accumulated sediment. It is good practice to do this once a year, so why not do it during your spring cleaning?

This checklist will allow you to make sure that all your plumbing back to its best shape. However, it may be to your best interest and for the better of your plumbing to have your local reputable plumbers come in for a professional inspection of all your plumbing. We recommend Plumbing Utah Heating and Air’s experts as they can do this for you all in a days’ notice.

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