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4 Things You Should Never Put Down The Disposal

Putting things down the garbage disposal is probably one of the last things on someone’s mind. But have you ever thought some things are better off in the garbage or maybe used differently? That’s why we put together 4 things that you should avoid putting down the garbage disposal. To help you avoid damaging your waste disposal or causing a major clog.

1. Eggshells

It’s been argued that eggshells are both useful for your drain and possibly harmful for your drain. Ground up particles of eggshells scrape up other obstructions in your kitchen area sink drain, easing it of any smells that other food has actually left.

On the other hand, an egg shell’s ground up particles can likewise get adhered to the pipeline’s walls and block the drain totally.

Instead of putting them down the drain put then in the garden or in your house plant pots.

When tilled into the soil, ground eggshells supply your plants with calcium. Potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen are most essential for healthy development, calcium is likewise necessary for constructing healthy “bones”– the cell walls of a plant.

Looking for more information on the benefits of eggshells in the garden click here.


2.Grease, Fats, And Oils

egg shells

These 3 thick liquids are big competitors for a clogged up drain due to the fact that they are thought to be water-soluble. Putting grease down the drain will develop layers over the blades of your trash mill and ultimately obstructing your drain.

It’s much better to put your excess grease, fats, and oils in a different container and deal with it like typical garbage.

The Best Way To Dispose Of Grease is to allow the grease to cool and harden then utilize a spatula or paper towel to eliminate the harden grease and toss it in the garbage. Do not put the grease or oil down the drain.

Keeping a can or container particularly for gathering grease is another alternative individuals utilize. Draining it into the can allow it to cool and harden.  If the can is big enough, you do not have to toss it out right away either.

3. Vegetables, Fruit Peels, And Other Soft Foods


There are tons of different foods that are put down the disposal that can be broken down and cause no issues for the disposal.  Pasta, potatoes, and even rice can swell with water, sticking to the drain pipes and will certainly cause a clog. Due to the fact of its density, you must constantly be careful of what foods you put through the disposal that can get captured in the pipelines.

Mentioning fruit and vegetables, lots of peels of vegetables and fruits like bananas, apples, and potatoes can block a sink drain. Apple and potato peels are usually the biggest culprits and tend to fall down the drain.

Other fruit stems and vegetables can obstruct the drains pipes when you’re pealing. These peels end up catching the sides of the pipe and are similar to pasta and rice.  By plugging your sink when you’re peeling fruits and vegetables this will prevent most clogs from happening.

4. Coffee Grounds

Some people have said that using coffee ground is a good way to clean your disposal. But because the coffee grounds can build up in your pipes causing water flow to slow and eventually creating a clog. Ice and sometimes lemons are a great way to clean your waste disposal unit and get rid of smells.

The best practice is to not put coffee grounds down the drain.  Coffee grounds are amongst the most common drain obstructing problems, along with fats, oil, and grease.

Instead of putting them down the drain or throwing them away here are a couple of useful tips for you to use.

  1. Clean your skin – Use the grounds to scrub away dead skin. If your hands are dirty from working on the car try coffee grounds instead of using hash soaps.
  2. Indoor House Plants – Putting coffee grounds in the pots of your house plant is a great way to give that plant a little boost of nutrients. You can also use them in your outside garden to deter unwanted pests.
coffee grounds

Remember there are tons of things that are better off in the normal garbage and not your garbage disposal. If you are unsure of something just throw it away. Better off putting it in the garbage then causing a clog and costing you money.

If you have a clog or have any plumbing issues. Please give Plumbing Utah Heating and Air a call and will send one of our certified plumbers out to help solve your plumbing issue.


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