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It is time to begin winterizing your plumbing

This week is going to have the first real freezing of the winter season.  This is especially true at night when temperatures can get as low as 20 degrees.  When pipes get too cold too quickly they can crack, burst or open for water or sewage leaks.  We all know that when water freezes it expands, so it is important to remove the water before it has a chance to freeze.  Below are some things that you as a home or business owner can do to help prevent these issues.

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Now is the time to winterize your plumbing

1. Remove your hose from the outside spigot

Utah transitions so quickly from hot summer temperatures to below freezing levels in just a few weeks.  This is one reason why people can forget to remove their hose from the outside spigot.  To help increase the lifespan of your hose you should consider storing the hose in a garage and away from the elements.

2. Consider installing pipe insulation

Pipes are most susceptible to freezing when temperatures reach 20 degrees Fahrenheit and below.  Insulating your pipes offer an increased line of defense by keeping the cold ambient temperatures from penetrating the layer of protection.  If you live in areas that are notoriously cold during winter we recommend having your indoor and outdoor plumbing insulated.  Especially if you have a basement that does not receive any heat from your furnace or heat pumps.

3. Winterize your swamp or evaporative cooler

Making sure that your swamp cooler is ready for winter will prevent damage and add years to the expected lifespan of the unit.  The first thing you want to do is unplug the cooling unit from its power supply.  This will help to avoid any injury as you perform the remaining tasks.  Begin by turning off the water valve that supplies water to the swamp cooler.  After that, you will want to completely drain the cooler as well as the collection pan.  Most of the time this pan collects hard water minerals so it is a good idea to not only remove the water but clean the pan to remove things like lime and calcium.  Lastly, you may want to change the cooler pads and place a cover over the swamp cooler while it is not in use.

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4. Repair any cracks that are around the base of your property

It is highly recommended that you inspect the foundation of your home or business for cracks every fall.  This is also the case on the interior of your home or business, specifically in your basement.  Even small cracks can lead to large foundation damage should water be allowed to seep into these abrasions.  If you notice any issue they need to be repaired as quickly as possible.  October is always a great time of year to stay vigilant for any unnoticed water or sewer leaks.  We have previously released articles about how to detect hidden leaks, please read this article to learn more.

5. Have professionals thaw out frozen pipes

Even the best-laid plans can be broken if the weather gets extreme enough.  If you notice any frozen pipes it is important to contact a Salt Lake City frozen pipe repair company as soon as possible.  Reliable companies will have the ability and tools to properly thaw out your plumbing.

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