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Benefits of Using Trenchless Water Main Technology


Few plumbing problems are more feared than broken water or sewer pipes. These issues usually suggest images of excavation and large portions of land being dug up. Years ago, plumbers were forced to dig up yards to find and repair underground leaks. 

Fortunately, times have changed, and the best plumbers are taking advantage of new technology. Trenchless water line repairs allow the leaking or clogged pipe to be fixed without destroying your landscape. If you are unfamiliar with the term, let’s learn a little more about how trenchless water main companies operate.  

Trenchless Water Main Replacement

Once the technician arrives, the first step usually involves a camera inspection. Plumbers use a small video camera attached to a rod to crawl into the pipe and send high-quality video footage. The video footage is then reviewed to find clogs, cracks, and even areas where the line has dropped due to settling in the earth.  

Water and sewer line leak detection services can also be performed. Plumbing Utah utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to pinpoint where leaks are happening, including but not limited to infrared, acoustic, tracer gas, and camera equipment. 

Signs you have an Underground Leak

Even if the leak is under the earth, you can still see the warning signs. Here are some common issues that our customers report seeing. 

An unusually high water bill:  If your water bill has doubled or even tripled without reason, you may have a water leak on your hands.  

Wet or soggy spots in your yard:  Pay attention to areas on your property where it looks like they are receiving more water than the rest of your yard. Wet spots can even form around your concrete foundation or sidewalks.  

A drop in water pressure throughout your home: Your main water line is the water source for your entire home. If this pipe becomes damaged, you may notice that you lack sufficient water pressure. 

The smell of sewage leaking out: Our noses are one of our most useful tools. This is especially the case when dealing with unpleasant substances. If your front or backyard smells of septic odors, there may be a problem with your sewer line.  

Benefits of Trenchless Repairs 

By using the technology stated above, plumbers and homeowners alike can know what the issue is and what the best solution is going to be. Trenchless water or sewer line repairs means that the pipe can be repaired or replaced with minimal disturbance to your yard. This is especially important if the leak has occurred in a well-landscaped area. 

Homeowners no longer have to say goodbye to large portions of grass, trees, bushes, or flowerbeds. Trenchless technology also means that you may not have to break up and excavate these areas if the leak happens under sidewalks, patios, or walkways.  

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