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Boilers are special purpose water heaters that are designed to heat your home. Rather than a traditional furnace, boilers heat water that is pumped through your home under the baseboards. The hot water is then transferred to radiators or uses fins on the pipes to distribute warmth from the water into the air in your home.

Common signs your boiler may need service.

Strange noises during operation: Like many other plumbing issues, we have to sometimes rely on our ears to hear problems that we cannot see with our eyes. When your boiler is operating make sure that you are listening for any unusual sounds such as the boiler struggling to operate, churning, grinding, gurgling or whistling. These could all be signs of an internal problem.

Radiators are cold: Your radiators should be radiating heat when the boiler is turned on. If your radiator is cool to the touch or your baseboards are not radiating heat it is a good sign that your boiler is not working properly. The most common culprit in this situation is corroded pipes filled with sludge.

Kettling: This occurs when minerals and water deposits build up in the boiler, usually lime or calcium. If this occurs it will cause your boiler to make a deep rumbling noise.

Boiler shuts off frequently: If your boiler shuts off before your home has been properly heated it could be a connection between your thermostat and boiler. It could also be a closed or blocked air valve that is not allowing for correct air circulation.

Should you repair or replace your boiler?

Unless there is something fundamentally wrong with your boiler it is almost always going to be a less expensive option to repair a boiler over replacing the whole unit. There are other factors to take into consideration when deciding what the best option for you will be. Talking with an experienced boiler repair company will help you understand your situation. Per a 2007 study held by the National Association of Home Builders, a boiler will normally last about 13 to 21 years before it needs to be retired. This is true regardless of how well maintained the unit has been. Just like any other piece of equipment, there is, unfortunately, a lifespan.

You should also consider the operating costs associated with older units. Should you decide to get a newer, high-efficiency boiler you can expect your operating costs to go down. You may also want to consider your facility needs. Older boilers were often only provided in one or two large unit options. This could result in your home being originally installed with a large boiler that exceeds the needs of your home or business. Today’s units come in smaller sections that allow for custom solutions to meet your needs. You will no longer have to pay top dollar for an old boiler when a smaller, more efficient unit can do the trick.

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Our boiler repair specialists are ready to give you a bid and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Remember that regular service from one of our certified technicians is always going to be your best bet when it comes to maintaining the performance of your boilers.

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