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Why Bacon Grease is a Plumbing Nightmare

Bacon is among one of the most universally loved ingredients in modern cooking.  Just a few perfectly cooked strips can complete breakfast or add a delicious salty note to any dish.  Many Utahans cook bacon at least once a week for their families.  Despite all the amazing things bacon can do, bacon grease is the number one most harmful item commonly poured down the drainSalt Lake City drain cleaning companies have been warning locals for decades now about items that should never be disposed of down your kitchen drain.  Despite our best efforts however a disposal system’s convenience often leads to its misuse.  Below is more information about why bacon grease is so harmful to your home’s plumbing system.

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Why bacon grease clogs drains so badly

Bacon grease is a sticky substance.

Even when this grease is hot, it clings to whatever surface it touches.  When we have a hot pan of bacon we may find ourselves tempted to pour the mess down the drain and forget about it.  Despite the fact that this hot grease looks like a liquid, it does not act as a liquid.  When pouted down the drain this grease will quickly cool and begin to harden.  Making it only a few inches down the drain, it will begin to harden and collect on the interior walls.  As other materials go down the drain they will likely stick to the grease and begin to form a stubborn and difficult to remove the clog.

It will accumulate over time.

One of the main things hot bacon grease will stick to is hardened bacon grease that has been previously poured down the drain.  Just like a clogged artery, this will cause thicker lining in the pipes, restricting water and waste flow.  When this problem has started it is only a matter of time until a drain cleaning or rooter company needs to fix the issue.  It is not uncommon for bacon grease clogs to reach 10 feet in length.  These types of clogs are almost impossible to be properly removed by residential homeowners.


These clogs almost never go away on their own

As the grease breaks down it will combine with calcium and make some kind of semi-hardened soapy substance.  Even hot water and soap being poured down the drain is not sufficient to wash the clogged grease.  This blockage can cause uneven pressure points in your pipes which not only can blog the drain, it can lead to water leaks.  If these large lumps make it into the city’s sewer system they form what is commonly called “fatbergs.”  Adam Ruins Everything has a short video about “fatbergs” and how damaging they are to the water supply we all share.

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