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Everything you need to know about sewer main lines

Sewer main lines are one of the most important pieces of the plumbing system in your home or business.  Even though these underground pipes are so important, many people do not think about them or know they exist.  Their function is implied by the name, it is the plumbing line that channels all of the waste from your toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks.  These materials are then transported towards the main sewer that is under the street in front of your home, business or commercial property.

Issues that can arise with sewer lines.

In most cases, there are two issues that can cause failure in your main line.

Sewer main line clogs:  There is a good chance that if you are reading this article you are dealing with issues with your sewer line.  The main problem that will arise are clogs in the pipes.  A warning sign that you need to call a professional is when you have frequent clogs in various fixtures throughout your home or business.  For example, if you flush your toilet and the drain in your shower begins to backup with sludge and dirty water.  Another sign is if you can smell a foul odor that smells like the sewer emanating from fixtures in or around your property.  Remember, problems with your sewer line need to be addressed quickly speak with a local plumbing company to schedule a sewer line cleanout today.

Breaks, bellies, and cracks in your sewer line:  Depending on the age of the pipes, they could be made with a wide range of materials.  The age range for most sewer pipes can be anywhere from 50 to 100 years.  The lifespan ultimately comes down to the materials used and how natural erosion occurs in your city.  Sometimes your sewer line can be broken due to tremors that happen naturally or plant roots bursting into the pipes.  The fortunate news is that a good sewer line repair company will be able to pinpoint the underground leak and use trenchless technology to replace the pipe without the need for large excavation.

My sewer line is damaged, who is responsible for it?

Most homes’ main sewer lines are connected to the city sewer system underground.  But just because it is part of the cities piping system, does not mean that the city will automatically pay for repairs or replacement.  That being said there are times when a blockage can occur at junctions of your sewer line and the entire sewer system.  In these cases, the city might be held responsible for repairs.  Either way, these problems need to be addressed quickly in order to avoid costly or even messy problems.  Plumbing Utah Heating & Air is here to be your dedicated sewer line repair company.  Call us today to schedule an inspection, leak location, line camera or repair at (801) 601-1298.