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How to tell if your business or home needs a repipe?

A full system repipe is one of the largest plumbing jobs imaginable for a home or business.  It is something that no one wants to face, yet like many things in life, it is inevitable over time.  If your home or business was built within 30 years or over your plumbing might be at risk and will need to be replaced.  Replacing damaged, worn or old water and sewage pipes can be a difficult job, best left to professionals.  Working with a local repipe plumbing company will help ensure that you receive reliable work.  Not only this but if something should go wrong they will have warranties to cover future work or replacements at no cost to you.

Seeing the warning signs will help you know if your home or business needs a repipe.  Spotting these signs as quickly as possible is critical to lowering costs and avoiding extreme damage to your property.

Plumbing signs you may need a repipe

Temperature Inconsistency in the water

Is it hard to change water temperature? Does even a slight amount of torque on a faucet or shower handle lead to a disproportionate change in the water temperature? These situations are not just annoying, they can be a sign of larger problems.  This is especially true if coupled with any of the other signals we have addressed in this article.


Noisy pipes during operation or draining

Your water and sewer pipes should not be making really any noise at all.  If you hear banging or creaking noises, these are usually signs that your pipes are getting older and may require replacement.  Remember listening to the pipes and water utilities in your home is easy to way spot problems.


Foul smelling or tasting water

Various cities in Salt Lake County are known for their different levels of hard water.  This means to residents in Sandy may have better tasting and smelling tap water than residents in Riverton.  That being said if you have noticed your usually clean water is now foul tasting or smelling it is cause for concern.  These changes in odor, taste, clarity, and color could be that your pipes are in the process of deteriorating. At this point, it would not take many more issues for your pipes to need a complete emergency replacement.

Visible signs of corrosion

Perhaps you have heard the old saying, “as within, so without, as above, so below.”  This saying has many different applications, however, it can also be applied to your plumbing.  When inspecting your visible piping look for any signs of wear and tear.  You can look for things like rust, discoloration, bends, dents, cracks or drops.  Any of these could mean that your system is getting up there in age and should be inspected by a local plumber near you.

Leaking water or sewage pipes

Leaky pipes can happen for so many reasons. If the issue seems to just be in one area, then it may just be a simple pipe replacement. However, if leaky pipes are a problem all over your property then, of course, a complete repipe might be in order.  Out of all the items to look for, leaking water or sewage is one that should be considered an emergency situation.  Call right away to schedule a plumber today.

Speak with a repipe plumbing company

If you noticed any of these symptoms, contact Plumbing Utah Heating & Air. We’d be happy to come to give you an onsite evaluation to give you the best advice on your future course of action.

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