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Most common boiler problems

Boiler issues that are likely to occur.

Winter is the time of year when having problems with your boiler are the most inconvenient. Some of the issues that can arise with your boiler are minor and could potentially be fixed on your own. Other issues are larger and need to be addressed by a professional boiler repair plumber. Below are some of the most common issues a boiler can face in a residential or commercial setting. If you notice any of the problems listed below we encourage you to call an expert right away.

List of common boiler issues.

Strange noises or kettling. As the name suggests, this is when you boiler sounds like a hot kettle during operation. This problem arises when sediment such as calcium salts or lime build up in the bottom of your boiler. When this occurs it can cause your boiler to shut off before it gets too hot. On rare occasions, your boiler may not shut off properly. This can cause permanent damage to the unit or even cause the boiler to explode.

Lack of heat or hot water. One of the main questions we are asked is “why is my boiler not producing heat?” There are a lot of reasons this problem can arise. Typically the path of least resistance is going to be calling a plumber. Common culprits include:

  • Improperly programmed thermostats.
  • Frozen pipes.
  • Low water levels or poor flow.
  • Broken airlocks.
  • Part of the machine malfunctioning.

Water leaks in or around the boiler. There are several reasons why these leaks can occur. If this is happening it is important to stop the leak right away. If you must begin by shutting off the water to your house. If you can locate the isolation valves you can shut the water off to the boiler directly to stop flow to the unit itself. You may then be able to restore water to the rest of your home or business while you wait for the repair company to arrive.

More information about boilers

We are going to be covering more boiler issues and information in the future. In the meantime, we are happy to speak with anyone about boiler installation, repair or maintenance. We invite you to call our office at 801-601-1298 or post a comment in the section below.