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The Average Lifespan of your Household Appliances

How often do you think about your household appliances and utilities?  These items are used daily, but how much attention are they really receiving?  As a homeowner, business owner or even a renter, the lifespan of these machines should be concerning.  Take a moment to consider the convivences that things like washing machines and refrigerators bring to our lives.  These wonderful inventions were not accessible to the average family even a few generations ago.  Depending on your needs these units will be a relatively smaller, or larger investment when they need to be replaced.  The best way to stretch the lifespan of your household appliances is to follow all manufacturer recommendations.  Most plumbing and HVAC units will also need a yearly maintenance, inspection and tune-up by a local professional company.

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Even the most responsible homeowner will need to replace old and worn out units at some point.  It is in your best interest before these appliances completely shut down.  This will help you avoid longer dispatch times in busy seasons.  For example, calling an air conditioning repair company right as summer begins.  Some companies are booked out for at least a few days as many people are starting up their AC to find it is not working correctly.  Looking for the warning signs of a soon to be out of commission appliance will also help your avoid damage to your property.  You wouldn’t believe how many flooded basements we have seen because an old water heater cracked and broke.

 An estimation of their lifespan

Below is a table of the lifespan of common units and equipment that people use in their homes and businesses.  This information was gathered and provided by The National Association of Home Builders.

  • Dehumidifier – 8 years
  • Dishwasher – 9-12 years
  • Freezer – 11-16 years
  • Garbage Disposal – 10-13 years
  • Humidifier – 8 years
  • Refrigerator – 13-17 years
  • Washing Machine – 10-13 years
  • Electric Water Heater – 11-14 years
  • Gas Water Heater – 9-10 years
  • Tankless Water Heater – 20 or more year

Call a professional at the first sign of issues

One of the things our contractors always tells our customers is that small problems will lead to large problems.  Remember to keep your appliances clean and use them as they are intended.  Don’t put things down your drain that don’t belong there.  Don’t always crank your air conditioner, especially if you are not going to be home.  Most importantly of all, call a trusted plumbing and HVAC company at the first sign of a leak or other issue.  If you live in Salt Lake City, UT consider calling Plumbing Utah Heating & Air to speak with an expert or schedule an appointment.


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