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Signs your water heater may be broken

Having warm running water is something that a majority of households not only enjoy but need on a daily basis for a comfortable life.  From taking a nice hot shower or bath to washing our hands or doing the laundry or dishes.  The average person uses hot water on several occasions every day.  The fact that we can simply turn a faucet and a supply of water comes out a faucet is one of the many modern indoor plumbing comforts we enjoy.  Sooner or later there is going to be a hiccup in the works and our hot water heaters are going to go out.  Even the best and most maintained water heaters have a lifespan of roughly a decade.  If your water heater is over 8 years old it may begin to show signs that it will need to be replaced.

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Signs that it is time to replace your water heater


Rusty colored water

As the steel used on the tank and perhaps the pipes or valves of the water heater age they will begin to rust.  It is obviously not a good thing to have rust in your tap water and a local plumbing company should be called as soon as this problem is noticed.  Not only is rust hard on your utilities and pipes, rust is also harmful to ingest for both humans and animals.  Rust weakens the metal and if the issue is not addressed you will run the risk of a hidden water leak, or worse, a fully cracked water tank.

Strange noises from the water heater

Fortunately, our pipes and utilities will often provide warning signs when something is wrong.  Water heaters are no different and will create strange sounding noises while operating.  One of the most common is a rumbling or even popping sounds coming from the tank.  Over time sediment will buildup on the bottom of the tank and will harden.  When you hear these noises it can be an indication that the heating elements inside the heater have large amounts of mineral caked on them.

The heater is not working properly

Have you noticed that you are having a lack of hot water recently?  Does it seem like your hot water heater is no longer keeping up with the needs of your home?  There are many reasons that could lead to a lack of hot water when we need it.  Common issues range from a broken heating element, but could also be the result of a leak.  In some cases, the water heater has not been properly flushed for a long period and there is a lack of space in the tank to hold water like it used to.  Perhaps your family has grown and the tank you have installed is simply too small for the needs of your household.

Call water heater experts today

Plumbing Utah Heating & Air is here to help every home and business in or around Salt Lake City with their water heating needs.  Call us at (801) 601-1298 to speak with a professional and schedule an appointment.  Our experienced plumbers can fix a broken water heater or help install a brand new unit.  They will also be able to provide information about tankless water heaters to help provide a constant flow of hot water once and for all.  Tankless water heater use a stainless steel coil heat exchange that is rust proof.  This will help keep your water cleaner than the traditional water heaters with tanks.

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