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Signs You Need One Of The Best Plumbers Salt Lake Can Offer

No matter how old your home is, there could be plumbing problems happening within your walls and floors and you wouldn’t even know.  Plumbing issues are often hard to spot until it’s too late.  If not caught early on, they can quickly become a larger and more expensive problem. Having a local plumber inspect and maintain your plumbing system at least every two years is a great way to catch potential problems. Hiring one of the best plumbers Salt Lake can offer will keep your pipes running smoothly. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for the following warning signs:

No.1: Sewage Smell

Your home should have a trap for every drain, and there should be a vent for every drain. Drain traps prevent sewage odors from coming into your home. These sewage systems were created to push the sewage odor out through the roof of your home. If you are smelling sewage inside your home, there could be a clogged or cracked vent or a problem with a drain trap. In either case, you’ll want to call a local plumbing company.

No. 2: Increase in Water Bills

Have noticed an increase in your water bill recently? A recent spike in usage could indicate an issue with your plumbing system; such as a leaking or damaged pipe.

Similarly, a constantly running toilet can significantly increase your water usage and your water bill.  If you notice an increase in water use and you are not running your sprinklers more or filling a pool, then you’ll want to have a plumber inspect your pipes.

No. 3:  Paint Peeling or Bubbles in Paint

A sign of a possible water leak is paint peeling or bubbling under the paint in the ceiling or walls. These are signs of excess moisture from a leak in the roof or within the plumbing system. Because of the potential damage and high cost of water leaks, you’ll want to have a plumber find the source right away.

No. 4: Slow Drains

This is one of the most obvious signs of plumbing issues. If you have slow drains or there is a clog in your pipes and they won’t drain at all, you have plumbing problems. Whether it is a serious problem or a small blockage in your pipes; the plumbing experts at Plumbing Utah Heating & Air can help. With the latest technology and experienced plumbers, we can pinpoint leaks quickly in order to prevent further damage.

No. 5: Decrease in Water Pressure

If you notice low water pressure in a single location or throughout the house, this could indicate a plumbing issue. There could be an issue with the faucet aerator (a small issue) if you see low pressure in just one area. On the other hand, if you notice low pressure throughout your home, this could indicate a problem within the water main or water supply line. Call Plumbing Utah Heating & Air today at (801) 601-1298 and we’ll help you get your high-pressure showers back!

No 6: Discoloration in Pipes

You’ll want to have someone take a peek at your pipes if you have noticed any of the above issues. If there is any discoloration (rust on the pipes), this is a sign you have excess moisture and it’s a good indicator you have a leak. If you see rust, water dripping, or pooling, you’ll want to call a licensed plumber right away.

Hire The Best Plumbers Salt Lake Can Offer

No matter what plumbing problem you have, the team at Plumbing Utah Heating & Air can help. Our experienced plumbers and plumbing technicians can solve all your plumbing issues. For the best plumbers Salt Lake City can offer, call Plumbing Utah Heating & Air at (801) 601-1298 for all your plumbing emergencies. We are an emergency plumbing company & we’re open 24/7.  We work quickly to fix any issues and restore your plumbing system. Don’t put up with standing water or low-pressure showers. Call today!


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