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What is a rooter service and do I need it?

The term “rooter service” may not be familiar to everyone.  On the other hand, perhaps you have heard the term used, but do not fully understand what it is.  The name of the service actually comes from the materials that it was meant to remove.  Original rooting machines and devices were built to remove tree roots that had invaded into sewer and plumbing lines.  Although these original machines have been updated since their creation in the 1800s, the basic principles are still the same.  Expert drain cleaning plumbers will use modern tools and techniques to remove even the most stubborn clogs.  A rooter service today is synonymous with the various things contractors will do to remove clogs of all shapes and sizes.

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How does a rooter service work?

As with most inventions, the original design does not stay that way forever.  The very first rooter machine was built with a washing machine engine and roller skate wheels at the end of a long steel cable.  If you can see this rudimentary device in your head, it may remind you of the modern plumbing snake company’s use today.  Rather than using simply breaking up the roots with a pair of wheels, plumbers today have a whole arsenal of tools at their disposal.  Just like Batman reaching for his trusty utility belt, you need the right tool for the job.

Depending on the location and severity of your clog or damaged pipe, a rooter snake may be the best call.  In other cases, it might be the wisest choice to perform a camera inspection of your line.  This will allow video and/or pictures of the interior of the pipe so that you can actually see the source of the clog and the damage.  If the clog has happened because of tree roots or a damaged pipe, there may be underground leaking of water or sewage.  The best plumbing companies will be able to offer leak location services so that you can find where the damage is underground.

Do I need a rooter service?

It is important to understand that clogs and blockages can affect your plumbing in various ways.  Typically indoor clogs will affect the appliance or fixture that uses the drain or pipe.  Common examples include bathroom clogs in the tub or shower, and of course, the common clogged drain in your kitchen sink.  Most indoors clogs are a result of food scraps, soap buildup, hair and items being put down the drain that shouldn’t have gone down there (bacon grease).  Outdoor clogs, such as in your sewer can be due to debris buildup, plant roots, corrosion, or even severe weather conditions.  Essentially if you have a problem with a drain or clog, call for a rooter service and the plumber will know what the best solution for your problem is.  If you live in or around Salt Lake City consider calling Plumbing Utah Heating & Air for the best customer service right away at (801) 601-1298

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